Experience Nature Therapy

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. - Frank Lloyd Wright -

Nature has an uncanny ability to instill peace and tranquility wherever it reigns.

Inspired by nature and fueled by design, The Plant Story – Singapore’s only urban gardening galleria spots a workshop and a cafe for busy urbanites to enjoy nature without the need to slog under the sun.

Nature is an essential part of our well-being and it rejuvenates the soul. At The Plant Story you can experience urban gardening, even with limited time on hand. Let the Journey begin.

Celebration in Nature

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The Plant Story Garden Cafe

Feast in Nature

I enjoyed the atmosphere and my time of learning and connecting with the friendly staff! Truly thankful to have such a space in Singapore!

Pauline A Lee

A tranquil place of nature, beautiful terrariums, good coffee n snacks. Most of all, this place gently reminds us that life is beautiful, n yet there is more to come...

Fong Ling Choong

We, a group of 5 ladies, had an awesome morning making our terrariums and will be coming back for more! Thanks so much!

Elli Cloud

Had a fun and edifying day with my wife at the Terrarium workshop. Thanks for the tutorial and guidance in creating miniature rain forest. Certainly, a joyous and relaxing moment as we marvel at each other's creativity with nature.

Daniel Lee Kong Leong