Experience Nature Therapy

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. - Frank Lloyd Wright -

Inspired by nature and fueled by our passion for creativity, The Plant Story was conceived for urbanites to seek restoration in the healing power of nature since 2009.

We believe in harnessing this power through our series of nature-based workshops.

Let your journey begin.

Nature Bath Immersion

An immersive experience in nature

Home Apothecary Workshop

Concoct Your Natural Remedies

Urban Farm Workshop

Discover the Secrets to Happy Plants

Miniature Garden Workshop

Create Your Miniature Eco-sanctuary

I enjoyed the atmosphere and my time of learning and connecting with the friendly staff! Truly thankful to have such a space in Singapore!

Pauline A Lee

A tranquil place of nature, beautiful creations, good coffee n snacks. Most of all, this place gently reminds us that life is beautiful, n yet there is more to come...

Fong Ling Choong

We, a group of 5 ladies, had an awesome morning making our own miniature gardens. Will be coming back for more! Thanks so much!

Elli Cloud

Had a fun and edifying day with my wife at the Miniature Garden Workshop building terrariums. Thanks for the tutorial and guidance in creating miniature rainforest. Certainly, a joyous and relaxing moment as we marvel at each other's creativity with nature.

Daniel Lee Kong Leong