Urban Farm Workshop

Our Urban Farm Workshop is a highly personalised consultation cum workshop to help urbanites better understand plants. Specifically how to keep them happy, kill less of them and understand the types of plants that suit your personality and lifestyle. This workshop has been given high praise for the rich and personalised learning experience.

We will start the workshop by first getting to know you, your gardening experience, your living spaces, and the time you can allocate to looking after your plants. After which, we will customise the workshop to meet your learning objectives. Some of the topics we will cover are as follow:

  • Lighting: Learn the different lighting requirements for various plants before we do a deep dive into what you can consider having;

  • Soil and soil conditioners: Understand their properties and how you can choose them well for you own usage. 

  • Garden Tour: Be guided to explore our garden. Identify the various plants by engaging your visual, touch, smell and tastes sense.

  • Make stem cuttings and get to bring them home for propagation (where appropriate); and

  • Prepare and bring home your own self-germinated seed pot.

At The Plant Story, we value knowledge exchange. Therefore, do tell us what you would like to get out of this workshop so we can do our best to tailor the program to your needs. If you have any specific area of interest or concern, you can include in your booking, we will do our best to address them during the workshop.

Be enveloped in the power of nature and bring home your plant cuttings and seed pot from the workshop.

And don’t forget to allocate time to savour our home-baked garden inspired cake with artisan tea after the workshop atop our Shambala Treehaus. They are available at an exclusive price for all workshop participants.

We learnt more about growing edibles and ornamental plants than we expected!

Now we feel confident about growing our own plants in our place, and also have a deeper appreciation about the different kinds of herbs and plants that we can grow. Love the takeaway seed pots and stem cuttings! Will be trying our hand at applying our learning over the next few weeks!

Leung Chee Tung

Attended the Urban Farm workshop together with my girlfriend for our 5th year anniversary.
The ambience was welcoming and cosy as if coming back to our "second" home with so much greenery. The workshop was very informative, interactive and most importantly fun. We enjoyed ourselves.

Chen Wen Xu

I enjoyed the workshop session. Cat's detailed explanation really helped us in our new found interest; urban gardening. Sunlight and soil have their varying capabilities in assisting the growth of a plant. Overdosage of water do have detrimental effect. Give them a visit and you will be thrilled with an amazing experience.

Yusoff Iskandar

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