Nature Bath – an immersive experience in nature.

Nature Bath, an immersive experience

Have you ever felt yourself getting ahead of your body, overworking it when you actually needed rest, or have you experienced saying something that does not quite align with your heart?

These are signs of ourselves ignoring our bodily cues, allowing the head to rue over us. Eventually we find ourselves burning out beyond reasons.

Nature is a neutraliser. It does not take sides. That is why many find comfort in nature. Evident-based researches have proven spending time in nature has profound healing effect on the body, mind and soul. In this 2.5 hours immersive experience, we will explore what it means to come home to our body for a more holistic living. You will be guided to explore, feel and play in the healing power of nature. Different from hiking, this experience will find us in nature although we will not be doing strenuous exercise and walking long distance. Our focus is on the exploration of self instead of the distance covered.

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This practice is grounded on the Japanese way of engaging our body in nature, known as Shinrin-yoku or Forest Bath. It is scientifically proven to strengthen our immune system as we inhale the phytoncide readily emitted by plants. Beyond that, our certified guide in Nature and Forest Therapy will work with you to help you explore areas within you that might have been neglected, allowing you to come to awareness of your needs.

Tea Ceremony

Come home to your body today.

Ask us about Sunrise, Sunset and Moonlight Immersion Experience.

I am always on the move and I have a monkey brain. I never thought I can experience silence in my life and I did it!

Rebecca C.

I have a fear to walk bare-footed on the grass. However, I found myself lying on the grass like I’m on my bed. It was just the therapy I needed

Dorothy D.