Miniature Garden Workshop

Also known as the Miniature Gardens that thrive on neglect, this workshop is perfect for urbanites who are time starved with a space constraint. Yet you want to be reminded of the beauty of nature.

Within an hour or two (depending on your speed), you will learn how each garden function while you immerse yourself in our sanctuary to unleash your creativity as you create your very own piece of nature.

Just choose from the garden that suits you best.

Rainforest Garden (also known as terrarium) – The long watering frequency of once every 2-4 months makes it a dream for the busy urbanites. However, due to the high humidity, plants need daily observation and good indirect sunlight in order to minimise chances of infection.

Desert Garden – Transport yourself into an exotic oasis where a great variety of cacti and succulents form pretty landscapes with minimal watering. They need strong light as well as good air-circulation to do well. Put your garden beside your computer to absorb harmful radiation.

Air Garden – A dream come true for urbanites who prefer a soil-less garden. This garden share much similarity with Desert Garden as Tillandsia needs very good air circulation in order to be happy. These avant-garde plants are great conversation openers.

Water Garden – Calm and totally relaxing as scientists explain human are reminded of the safety net we once enjoyed while in our mommy’s womb. This garden features the Marimo ball which is natively found in Lake Akan in Hokkiado, Japan known to bring one good luck, great health and lots of love. Great for urbanites who do not have sufficient light in their air-conditioned workspace.

With the guidance of our trainer and a vast selection of materials to choose from, get ready to marvel at your own hidden talent within an hour.

To make the experience more complete, light refreshment is served with both bookings at our WorkStudio and Colonial Home Experience as part of the experience.

Through that session, I got to understand Faith a tad more.
It’s a reminder to me as a mom, to respect Faith as a unique individual, and to help her discover and nurture her talent(s).

Lynn with daughter, Faith

If my three year old can come up with a miniature glass garden, I sure think you can too! I was a proud mama and learnt from this experience that we should never belittle the capabilities of our children.
May with son Ewan

May with son Ewan

We had a wonderful time making our terrariums! Thanks for sharing all the interesting facts and knowledge about terrariums and plants. Relaxing and inspiring atmosphere, great variety of materials to work with, and an excellent way to spend time with the ones we love! Went home feeling happy and totally satisfied!

Cynthia Kan

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