No man is an island. While our personal success gives us satisfaction, research has indicated people who have more meaningful social relationships are healthier, happier and even live longer.

At The Plant Story, we are passionate about celebrating relationships. We believe all of us are born with an inner desire to be close to our loved ones. It gives us tremendous joy when we see how relationships are harnessed through what we do despite the demands of the modern world.

Our workshops are designed for you to bond with family and friends through learning and empowerment while you immerse in the beauty of nature.

So wait no more, choose from any of our workshops and send out the invite.

Nature Bath Immersion

An immersive experience in nature

Home Apothecary Workshop

Concoct Your Natural Remedies

Urban Farm Workshop

Discover the Secrets to Happy Plants

Miniature Garden Workshop

Create Your Miniature Eco-sanctuary