Everything that slows us down and forces patience is help. Gardening is an instrument of grace – May Sarton

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Bespoke Experience

I enjoyed the atmosphere and my time of learning and connecting with the friendly staff!
Truly thankful to have such a space in Singapore! Thank you.

Pauline A Lee

Relaxing and inspiring atmosphere, great variety of materials to work with.
An excellent way to spend time with the ones we love! Went home feeling happy and totally satisfied!

Cynthia Kan

The decoration at Chijmes last Sat was beautiful... It was better than what we imagined.
The colours were unique and the fern trees was magnificent and befitting under Chijmes' grand ceiling.

Hoey Lit, Bride

Had a fun and edifying day with my wife at the Miniature Garden Workshop building terrariums.
Certainly, a joyous and relaxing moment as we marvel at each other's creativity with nature.

Daniel Lee Kong Leong

A tranquil place of nature, beautiful creation, good coffee n snacks.
Most of all, this place gently reminds us that life is beautiful and yet there is more to come...

Fong Ling Choong