This revolutionary workshop has been designed to help urbanites step out of the daily rut to take a breather and attend to your soul. Combining coaching and the principles of horticulture therapy, much research and thinking have been put into it to ensure the content is light enough for anyone wanting to experience nature therapy, while ensuring you get the most out of the 2-hour session. 

In this 2 hr workshop, you will be guided to understand yourself through the language of nature. Participants will:

– experience art therapy as you are guided to introduce yourself with colouring media;

– learn how similar human behavior is  to plants and learn to draw inspiration from the way nature works;

– walk in the Healing Garden to touch, smell and taste our herbs;

– learn how to propagate plants from stem-cutting

– And finally, while learning the techniques of seed germination, you are guided to seed your dreams and download their intention in this very personal activity. 

You will also get to enjoy our highly favoured afternoon tea set that includes a pot of artisanal tea from Gryphon or aromatic coffee, a slice of cake with almond biscuits and a scoop of gourmet ice-cream in our garden. 

Your soul will be thankful to you for taking time off for this much awaited workshop.

Co-hosted by Irina Miu, PHD in Coaching who has years of experience coaching senior executives around the globe and Cath Lim, Certified Practicing Horticulturist and the Founder of The Plant Story who spent 16 yrs in the corporate world running the rat race before leaving her dream career to start The Plant Story 8 yrs ago.

Note: In order to ensure you get the right amount of attention, booking will close at a maximum of 10 participants.

Listen to what the participants say about their experience.

I felt like I left the city and entered a peaceful garden where I could quiet my thoughts, get a better understanding of myself, and then focus on my intentions for the near future. Gaining a deeper understanding of the plants had a "magicalness" to it that surprised me. This was a wonderful way to combine coaching and connecting with nature and subsequently deliver a refreshing revitalization on body, soul and spirit.


A seed is planted for myself when I left the workshop.
Irina is most professional in facilitating the workshop. She was able to identify for me what I have been searching and asking myself for months! I wish for myself that I will remember what I have been awakened to and continue to pursue it till I find a satisfied answer.


The most memorable thing while attending the workshop is taking the time to stop and ask myself important questions in my journey at work. The trainers were great at allowing us to see what we want/hope to achieve! At the same time, I learned the similarity between nature and mankind. The workshop provided a mental visual picture of life and gave me strength to know it is important to prune and take stock of our roots in order to grow!


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