A Date with Mommy Dearest 

A Mother’s Day exclusive only on 12 , 13, 19 & 20 May, Saturday & Sunday, 11am, 2:30pm and 4:30pm with BONUS GIFTS!

 Love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the one at home.

– Mother Theresa –

Surprised mommy with a therapeutic workshop.
Realise how a mother's love is similar to creating a garden - as her seeds grow, she tries her best to fulfil their needs.


At 80 yr old, my Ah Mah was totally engrossed in her art after refusing to participate! Ha!


Had fun at the Urban Farm workshop with my mom & learnt a great deal as a beginner. The instructor was very personable & knowledgeable. It was a lovely cafe garden set up with a delicious tea set that came with the workshop.

Melodie Gan

It was great touring the little herb garden outside and learning about the origins and uses of the different herbs. We felt well looked after. Food was excellent too and sitting outside overlooking the water, with coffee and tea was a treat!

Jin Hoo

Running out of ideas to say “I love you Mommy” ? How about spending quality time with her in nature to show your appreciate for her while both of you learn to bask in the power of nature with our workshops?

On this Mother’s Day Weekend, we will be having 3 types of workshop for you and your mummy at the following time:

Miniature Garden Workshop: 11am, 2:30pm & 4:30pm

Create your own miniature garden of love. Choose from a selection of apothecary jars with a wide selection of plants and decorations to create your own miniature garden to bring home with mommy. You have to option to build 2 small gardens or to build one big garden with a larger apothecary jar.

Urban Farm Workshop: 2:30pm

Do you feel challenged to be keeping your plants happy and alive most of the time? Hear it from Cath, our chief urban gardener and certified practising horticulturist how she emerged from a serial plant killer. Tour our garden and learn the technique of propagating plants by stem cutting, division and seed germination. Bring home your own propagated plant and seeds from the workshop!

Home Apothecary Workshop : 4:30pm

Concoct your home remedy using natural plant extracts. Smell like spa with this workshop. Learn to identify the different plants that are used for their healing properties. Become a mixologist as you learn to layer scents to create your own vapour rub, Awakening Spray or Yummy Body Scrub to bring home!

Each workshop lasts 1.5-hr session. You will have your own selections of materials and the session will end with a yummy high-tea in our garden.

Plus, a photo of you and Mommy taken by us and printed for you at the end of the workshop all framed up for you to bring home!

It will be a meaningful and beautiful time well spent.

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