In his book, “Last Child in the Woods”, American writer Richard Louv talked about Nature Deficit Disorder, NDD taking place in our current society due to parental fear of exposing children to the great outdoors. As the world moves rapidly into urbanisation, all of us suffer from NDD in varying degrees. Our Nature Therapy Workshops aim to help urbanites reconnect with nature in a restorative, creative and manageable way, regardless of age.

Nature Therapy Workshops

Across 3 time-belts each day: 11am, 2:30pm and 4:30pm.

Immerse your body in nature.

Rejuvenate your mind with our nature therapy workshops.

Heal your soul effortlessly.

As you step into our garden sanctuary, your entire body will start to dance to the rhythm of nature while you slowly immerse in it. Choose from our series of nature therapy workshops to rejuvenate your mind. Feast on our delectable food and drink selection after the workshop and feel your soul being healed effortlessly.

Our workshops are conducted by our personal trainers and secured through appointment across three scheduled time – 11am, 2:30pm and 4:30pm.

These workshops provide flexibility for individuals, family and friends to book a time with us at their convenience. Your body will thank you for the indulgence it yearns for. In no time, you will feel totally rejuvenated as you see yourself shake off the stresses of the urban world, learn a new skill in horticulture and walk away with your very own creation.

If you are thinking of gift options, the Workshop Voucher allows your recipient to redeem across all 3 workshops over a 12-month period from the date of issue.

Home Apothecary Workshop

Urban Farm Workshop

Grow Your Own Edible Garden

Miniature Garden Workshop

Create Your Own Self-sustaining Garden