I feel my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery- air, mountains, trees and people. I thought… This is what it is to be happy

Healing Hands of Nature

Finland: Power Trails

One of the pioneers in wellbeing themed hiking trail, Finland introduced Power Trails to its people in 2010. Since then, there are many specially designed forest walks to reward your soul.

Be Mindful +


We live in a perpetually stressed culture. How often do you get the response “I’m really busy” when you ask someone how they’re doingExcessive stress is so common that it almost seems normal to run on too little sleep and be rushed, overworked, and overcommitted.While busyness may have become a normalized part of our culture, our bodies are increasingly showing the effects of constant exposure to chronic stress. Sadly, chronic emotional stress has been linked to the six leading causes of death in the United States: cancer, coronary heart disease, accidental injuries, respiratory disorders, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide.