Home Apothecary Workshop


If you are an urbanite who adore naturally made products and you wonder how you can make them yourself, this is for you.

In each workshop, you’ll get to have an in-depth knowledge of the following:

  • Find out what are some of the healing herbs you have access to in Singapore
  • Learn how you can grow some of them with ease here.
  • Marvel at the plant’s healing properties.
  • Understand how they are used in natural remedies.
  • Learn how to concoct your own remedies and bring them home.
  • Welcome drink, tea and cookies.

You will get to be enveloped in the power of nature and bring home your own home apothecary creation.

Each workshop lasts an hour. Choose from Mozzie Away Repellent, Awakening Room Spray, So Good Vapour Rub  Yummy Body Scrub when you do your booking, and we will prepare the necessary apparatus for you.

Due to the different set-up for each home remedy, we are unable to combine home remedy choices per session.


Product Description

If you are an urbanite who adore naturally made products and you sometime wonder how they are made, then this Home Apothecary Workshop is for you.

And don’t forget to allocate time to savour our delectable food and drinks after the workshop in our garden sanctuary. They are available at special price for all workshop participants.

No physical voucher will be generated. Just quote your receipt number upon booking.



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