The Earth has its music for those who will listen - George Santayana

The Earth has its music for those who will listen

The Nature Solution to Stress

When you are stressed, Nature lightens you 

Nature is a good remedy to relieve stress and even prevent it.In Japan, people flocked to their forest to experience Shinrin-yoku, also means “forest soaking”. The local researchers found that the sound of running water can reduce the human stress response.

“The sound of running water can reduce human stress response”

Regular contact with Mother Nature can help to:

  • Reduce heart rate
  • Lower stress hormones (i.e. Cortisol)
  • Even boost immune functioning

When you are down, Nature lends you a hand  

Our attraction and fascination with nature are innate due to nature gene in our DNA. We prefer nature to built environment when this innate need to connect with nature is satisfied. We feel replenished and completed which ultimately boost our well-being.

Immersing in nature helps in:

  • Increasing positive emotions
  • Promote sense of satisfaction
  • Promote caring gesture

“People with brief contact with flowers are more likely to help strangers, give money to others and act gregariously”

Being exposed to nature can encourage us to be more caring towards people around us, the act of kindness can make in turn make you happy. Who does not feel good about themselves after helping others?

When people engage in Green Exercise, they feel happier afterward as compared to brick-and-mortar

When you need a breather, Mother Nature fills your lungs with oxygen

Being free in nature, while we spend time in nature we feel free to be our true self. Nature does not judge us and we do not feel that there is a need for us to masks ourselves. She encourages us to be genuine to ourselves and accepts the plainest form of us.

There is virtually no reason to be anyone but themselves

She is there to remind us to be brave to be ourselves, there is no social norm to conform to. She provides us a safe sanctuary to fully express our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

When you feel tired, Recharge with VitN

A long day at work and stuck to our table in constrained cubicle can make it hard for us to focus and not motivated to complete our to-do list. It is true that we have a finite attention span and it runs out depending on how hard we work. As we work on a very challenging a task, more attention is being demanded and our attention runs out really quickly.

Being in nature or seeing pictures of nature can elicit the feeling of being away and make us feel relieved.

Natural environment has the restorative effect on our mind

It has the ability to soothe and nourish us with its unique qualities. Nature does lives up to the saying of never failing to surprise in its simplest form.

Nature never fails to amaze us

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