Miniature Garden Care

Rainforest Garden

Rainforest Gardens or Terrariums thrive on neglect – They are the perfect companions for busy urbanites.

Light – Filtered sunlight or flourescent lighting will suffice.

Water – Never overwater. Mist with a sprayer only when soil is dry.  Watering frequency can be as long as 2 to 4 months.

Maintenance – Look after your garden daily for the first 2 months to ensure that the plants are adapting well to their new environment. Remove any infected or dead plant part immediately, air without lid under bright light for 1-2 days. Water appropriately before putting the lid on.

Pruning – Plants have nerves and they usually grow in proportion to their root ball as well the amount of space they are given. However, feel free to prune your miniature gardens to bring them back to shape. Most plants can be propagated by stem-cutting (cut a section of the stem above the leaves and stick it back into the soil) or by division (split the entire plant into sections).


Water Garden

Marimo balls are hard to kill. Natively from Lake Akan, Hokkaido, they are said to bring one good luck, great health and lots of love!

Light – Keep it in a cool spot under low/filtered light away from all heat sources.

Water – Replace 50% of water with non-chlorinated water when necessary. Roll the ball in your palm to keep its shape.

Feeding –  If you have fishes or shrimps, remember to feed them appropriately. Water PH level can also affect their well-being.


Customised Design

Need us to create a specific design for your garden? Cath, our chief urban gardener as well as our certified practicing horticulturist will be glad to help you create bespoke miniature garden designs that are sustainable and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Email us through our bespoke services form and we will get back to you.

Desert Garden

Succulents/Cacti can transport you to an exotic oasis with minimum care. They are also believed to absorb harmful radiation.

Air – Provide good air circulation.

Light – Place them under monitored sunlight or bright filtered light.

Water – Never water on the plant as trapped moisture can cause plant rot. Spray water directly onto the sand/gravel fortnightly or when plants start to shrivel up.


Air Garden

Tillandsias, Dischidias and Orchids are fascinating epiphytes. They do not need soil to grow as they absorb nutrients and water from the air or porous media like coconut husk.

Air – Provide good air circulation.

Light – Filtered sunlight. Bright light will encourage flowering.

Water – Spray regularly or soak the entire plant in rainwater once a week. Overturn the plant to ensure no water is trapped within.


Replanting Service

Should your plant fall ill or should you need to refresh your garden, we offer replanting service from $15 (excluding materials) as well as complimentary observation service to ensure your plants are adapting well before you collect them back.

Just bring them down to us or email us for a quote.


Online Shopping

How do I shop?

You do not need to log in or pre-register. Just start shopping and key in your details upon check out.

Will my order look the same as featured?

We do not catalogue our design. Just like how everyone is unique, each garden is created differently based on our inspiration and availability of plant choices and materials. Should you need us to draw reference from a specific design or colour scheme, kindly let us know when you place your order.

All add-ons are charged separately. A customisation fee starting from $10 may be chargeable.

Can I customize my Miniature Garden?

While we will always do our best to accommodate customers’ preferences, plants and choice of materials are subjected to availability and suitability. A design fee may be chargeable depending on the complexity of the design. Drop us a note and we will advise accordingly.

What are the payment modes?

We accept payment via internet bank transfer, PayPal, Telegraphic Transfer and cheque.

Details are included in the check-out.

Kindly note that all payment needs to be cleared before order can be processed. Your order will be delivered to you within 3-5 working days upon clearance of payment.

You can also arrange for self-pick-up at our galleria.


Delivery fee is $25 flat for delivery across Singapore. There may be a surcharge starting from $10 for remote addresses like Choa Chu Kang, Jurong Island, Tuas West and Sentosa island, as well as for delivery to CBD area within peak hours. If a surcharge is applicable, we will contact you upon receiving your order.

You can arrange to pick up your purchase at our galleria at no additional charge. Be sure to choose ‘Self-collection’ as we are unable to make a refund for delivery once it is committed.


Should you have problem accessing our online shop, you can order via Indicate the item names, quantity and if you would like your order to be delivered. Happy shopping!