A healthy outside starts from the inside.

-Robert Urich-

Attention Restoration Theory (ART) asserts that people can concentrate better after spending time in nature, or even looking at scenes of nature. This is a theory established by Rachel and Stephen Kaplan in their book The experience of nature: A psychological perspective, written in the 1980s.

Indeed, nature instills peace, teaches patience, establishes growth and reinforces sustainability. At The Plant Story, we leverage on these wonderful principles of nature and our passion for creativity to help individuals and organisations become more effective.

Our series of Corporate Wellness Programmes transport your co-workers into the arms of nature, teaches them nature’s principles while they hone their skills in critical thinking and team cohesiveness. All of these result in a more balance and healthier workforce.

Price ranges from $45 to $88 per person. It includes workshop facilitation, all basic materials needed. You just need to get ready to have fun in nature.

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