You’ve always had the power my dear, you just have to learn it for yourself- Ginger Flower

A Gift of Strength: Ginger Flower

We found these beautiful torch ginger flowers at the park connector near us. Although it seemed foreign at first glance, we recognize its floral aroma. We often find the pretty hinges of pink in our rojak or Assam Laksa. Its spicy flavor is tantalizing on our taste buds and pleasing to our nose too. Its flowers are also used to produce essential oils used in perfume and soaps which give off refreshing spicy aroma.


This tropical plant is commonly found in Malaysia and our local parks. Although its flower is eye catching, the truly beneficial part of the plant is its leaves. The leafy parts of the plant is a natural source of antioxidant, let’s all start grazing the leaves to fight old age!

Its outer petals are often peeled off and discarded leaving its tender inner petals and bud for cooking. Its outer petals are characterized by its symbolic meaning of strength and safety. It hard petals provides warmth and comfort as it protects its soft inner petals.

As we tried to peel off the tough and waxy petals, it hits me that I am a ginger flower. In fact, we are ginger flowers in our own ways. Since young, we were taught to have a strong front in front of others in order to gain control, power and be assertive. We build the strong tough cover for different reasons. It develop as we were hurt and we are scared to be hurt again. that is actually a cover that we build overtime to protect the soft inner child living within us. We build that

strength comes from within, we muster strength when we have courage to be ourselves amidst all the adversity and social pressure. Strength is when you are able to stand up after many countless times of failure and set back. Strength is able to forgive someone who hurt you in the past unintentionally. porcupine effect or the hedgehog dilemma


When is it given to others, it represents a gift of strength.



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