Welcome to nature.

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. - Frank Lloyd Wright -

Nature has an uncanny ability to instill peace and tranquility wherever it reigns.

Inspired by nature and fueled by design, The Plant Story – Singapore’s only urban gardening galleria spotting a garden retail, workshop and a garden café was conceived for busy urbanites to enjoy nature without the need to slog under the sun.

Since returning to rural life is unreal for most of us, why not make nature a part of our urban lives? Take a stroll with us and soon you will be convinced everyone can be an urban gardener.


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Our Garden Cafe

"I enjoyed the atmosphere and my time of learning and connecting with the friendly staff! Truly thankful to have such a space in Singapore!"

− Pauline A Lee

"A tranquil place of nature, beautiful terrariums, good coffee n snacks. Most of all, this place gently reminds us that life is beautiful, n yet there is more to come..."

− Fong Ling Choong

"We, a group of 5 ladies, had an awesome morning making our terrariums and will be coming back for more! Thanks so much!"

− Elli Cloud

"Had a fun and edifying day with my wife at the Terrarium workshop. Thanks for the tutorial and guidance in creating miniature rain forest. Certainly, a joyous and relaxing moment as we marvel at each other's creativity with nature."

− Daniel Lee Kong Leong